Onsite Discovery

    There are two types of retail store managers, those who are content with their current level of performance and those who want to up their game, sell more merchandise, and produce more profit. If you belong to the latter group then our Profit Discovery System © is for you.

    Our Profit Discovery System ©, which is available in three levels, is a series of sequential examinations that produce easily understood information that can guide you to greater profitability. We offer two ways for you to utilize the system, the on-site service discussed here and our Virtual Discovery process. Either way, you’ll see tremendous benefit to the system.

    If you opt for the on site service you’ll choose from one of three levels outlined below.

    Service DescriptionLevel 1Level 2Level 3
    Merchandising Assessmentcheck-mark-24check-mark-24check-mark-24
    Customer Service Observationscheck-mark-24check-mark-24check-mark-24
    Floor Plan Layout Assessmentcheck-mark-24check-mark-24check-mark-24
    2D Floor Plan Redesigncheck-mark-24check-mark-24
    3D Store Design Modelingcheck-mark-24
    Atmospherics Assessmentcheck-mark-24check-mark-24check-mark-24
    Store Decor Conceptscheck-mark-24check-mark-24
    Site Analysischeck-mark-24check-mark-24check-mark-24
    Industry Benchmark Comparisoncheck-mark-24check-mark-24
    Retail Space Productivity Analysischeck-mark-24
    Trade Area Demographiccheck-mark-24check-mark-24check-mark-24
    Opportunity Gap Studycheck-mark-24
    5 Year Trend Analysischeck-mark-24check-mark-24
    Customer Movement Studycheck-mark-24check-mark-24
    Branding and Marketing Evaluationcheck-mark-24check-mark-24check-mark-24
    Sales Generation Appraisalcheck-mark-24check-mark-24check-mark-24
    Direction Planningcheck-mark-24check-mark-24check-mark-24
    Key Communications Assessmentcheck-mark-24check-mark-24
    Competitive Assessmentcheck-mark-24

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