The Profit Explorer

Retail Strategy

One of the systems we’ll use to help you discover greater profits is our Profit Explorer ©. The Profit Explorer © is a dynamic retail budgeting and forecasting application that makes understanding critical numbers and operational trends easier. The Profit Explorer © is not software you buy, try to learn and then discard because it’s too difficult or time consuming. The Profit Explorer © is an interactive service that leaves you in complete control, but, with the right information and guidance to make good decisions.

Retail Budgeting

Most POS systems are capable of generating enormous amounts of information, reports and data. The difference with our interactive retail budgeting process, is that we drill down specific information that helps you focus on key areas. Budgeting becomes easier, goal setting becomes easier and profits increase. Many stores create budgets at the beginning of the year and look at them occasionally. If things are on track that’s good, if they’re not, there is no reaction and no redirection. Because our system is dynamic, you can manage on the fly…more efficiently…more effectively.


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